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tap4drink is the innovative mobile ordering system for bars, restaurants and delivery services.

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This is how tap4drink works

1Your client scans
the table token using
his or her own mobile...

Client scans table token with own mobile...

2...orders from
digital menu...

Client orders from digital menu

3...the order is
immediately transferred
to where you need it!

order appears at bar

Your client's new way of ordering

The digital menu provides your offers, optimized for simplicity and flexibility

Hint: test here in your browser.

tap4drink features

Digital Menu

The flexible digital menu displays all your offers appealing and clear - including options and variants

Service Call

The optional service call enables your guests to call staff right away.

Apply Your Theme

Unlike apps that are looking the same everywhere, tap4drink can be customized exactly to your needs. This includes pictures, backgrounds and fonts.

No Nasty Installation

tap4drink is fully browser based. Neither your clients nor you have to install anything on your devices. While all the others are still downloading, your clients have already placed their orders.

Flexible Routing

Depending on table and product category, orders can be routed to several service stations. This way the bar will only see the drink orders, and the food orders are sent to the kitchen, for example.

Connect Your POS system*

Upon request tap4drink can be connected to your existing POS ordering system, as long as it is enabled for technical integration. Just tell us vendor, product and software version of your system and we take care about everything.

* available on request, subject of change for technical reasons

Tablet Ansicht Servicepoint

Incoming Orders

Each order reaches the bar within seconds. Any common notebook or tablet can be used - no need to buy new hardware.


  • Streamlined ordering process
  • Reduced waiting times on client side
  • Less waitng for your staff
  • Explore new revenue potential
  • Be the first to provide up-todate ordering experience

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