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Digital Menu

The electronic menu presents your complete offer in an appealing and well-structured way.

In-House Order

Customers in the restaurant order with their smartphone and have food and drinks brought to their seat.

Delivery Service

Customers order food and drinks comfortably from home for takeout or delivery.

Order Button

The order button can be integrated on your own homepage without programming.

Homepage with own domain

Use our user-friendly website builder to create a nice page for your restaurant or delivery service.

Discount System

Use automatic discounts and discount codes to engage customers and boost sales


Create and sell vouchers or gift cards to engage customers and promote your business

Receipt Printer

Print a work slip immediately for each incoming order.

Multichannel notification

Get notified by email or phone if a new order arrives.


Send food orders to the kitchen, and drinks to the bar.

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tap4drink works with standard PCs, notebooks, tablets and receipt printers. You do not need to buy special devices to use the software to its full extent. If required, we offer a selection of compatible devices and accessories in our store at a reasonable price.

149,- €
Kassensystem WinOrder (Shuttle XPC)
Kassensystem WinOrder (Shuttle XPC)
1999,- €
Kassensystem WinOrder (HP)
Kassensystem WinOrder (HP)
1999,- €
249,- €
Aufsteller senkrecht
Aufsteller senkrecht
2,79 €
Aufsteller schräg
Aufsteller schräg
2,79 €

Note: You can find the store in the customer area. We sell only to commercial customers, all prices exclusive VAT.