Order on site

Order with the smartphone directly from the table

Each table has a table card with QR code and (optionally) NFC tag with which customers can order directly - without having to wait for service.

This is convenient, saves time and avoids unnecessary walking for your staff. Language barriers with international audience are overcome and communication in a noisy environment is made easier. Less stress for the staff, more turnover and happy guests.

Photo: Ordering at a table in a restaurant
Photo: Pizza delivery

Takeout and delivery

Order for pickup or delivery conveniently from home

tap4delivery, our package for pickup and delivery services, offers everything you'd expect from a modern online shop for delivery services. For each delivery zone, minimum order value, delivery fees and average delivery time can be set.

You can define opening hours and allow pre-ordering as well. Thus, no order is lost and no misunderstandings arise.

Electronic payment

Pay cash-free via PayPal - with credit card or direct debit

tap4drink supports cashless payment on site and on delivery. The customer pays directly to the venue┬╣, without detours, deductions or delays.

We are always adding additional payment service providers. Simply contact us if you have any requirements.

1) PayPal business account required

Photo: Man entering credit card details
Screenshot: Order Button

Order Button

Integrate an order button into your own homepage without programming.

The digital menu with order function can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website - no programming skills necessary.

We can provide sample integrations for many common platforms and content management systems on request. We are also happy to provide individual help with the integration.


Use our user-friendly website builder to create a nice page for your restaurant or delivery service

You don't have a homepage yet or want to update your existing site? No problem with with our convenient and user-friendly page builder.

With just a few clicks, you can create a concise page that informs your customers about all the essential facts such as how to get there and opening hours. Of course it is optimized for search engines, so that your restaurant is always found in Google. If desired, you can have your own domain (e.g. www.myrestaurant.com).

Screenshot: Page Builder
Photo: blackboard

Discount System

Engage customers, track advertising and manage utilization

The flexible discount system allows discounts according to order quantity and time, delivery type and payment method to control utilization, improve customer loyalty and generate additional sales.

Discounts can be granted on the total price or on certain groups of goods and can consist of a percentage ("5% off all pizzas"), a fixed amount ("2,- saved when ordering between 11 and 15 o'clock") or a free item ("Free soft drink with orders over 20 euros").

With freely selectable discount codes, you can track the effectiveness of advertising media. For example, a radio advertisement can refer to a discount code "RADIO"; by counting the discount code usage, you can determine how many customers have been addressed by the advertisement.


Sell vouchers or give them away as promotion

You can create vouchers for a certain amount, e.g. as a gift voucher, or give away free articles as a reward for a rating, as a thank you or compensation, if something has gone wrong.

Customers can redeem the voucher at any time as part of an order via the app, and in the case of vouchers for monetary amounts, they can also be split over several orders.

Photo: Voucher
Photo: Epson ESC/POS printer

Receipt Printer

Print a work slip immediately for each incoming order.

The tap4drink printing program supports the printing of work slips with all common receipt printers that work according to the ESC/POS standard.

The printing program is available for Windows, OS-X, Linux and Android.

Multichannel notification

Get notified by email or phone if a new order arrives.

All incoming orders are displayed in the intuitive web interface.

In addition, the order can be transmitted by e-mail or a telephone is called to receive an acoustic signal.

Photo: Inbox
Photo: man and woman working together at a bar


Send food orders to the kitchen, and drinks to the bar

tap4drink can route incoming orders by product group or table directly to the right service point. That way, everyone gets exactly the information that they need.

POS system/cash register integration

Transfer orders automatically into your POS system

On request tap4drink can be connected to your existing cash register system, provided that this is technically possible. Just tell us manufacturer, product and version of your system and we will take care of the rest.

Photo: POS system
Photo: Chameleon

Customizable design

Customize your ordering system to adapt to your venues theme and style

Most elements, especially images, colors and texts, can be adapted to the style and design of your restaurant. Our consultants will be glad to help you with the specific adaptation.

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